Thursday, 24 February 2011

  • This should be particularly important in banks. It is hard to see how even token-female board members could stuff things up any worse than did their male colleagues, allegedly appointed on merit..
  • Somehow the last sentence does not jibe with the headline: Record profits for the year, but profits decline badly in the second half. So, avoiding the Mr Grierson's agenda for this piece, I looked to the bottom line. For every pound's worth of gas that the owners of BG sold us, they got to keep 4 pence. Seems fair.  Would you work or invest your money for less?
  • Republicans need to stir come controversy and kill some jobs to prevent the recovery from kicking in before the 2012 elections. That their tactics to win elections will hurt their fellow Americans bothers them no more than the Democrats are bothered by spending the country into poverty in pursuit of votes.

Chuck Schumer, Michael Bloomberg Seek To Bolster Gun Checks

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According the the Atlanta Center for Disease Control, there will be 12,000 gun homicides and 50,000 deliberate woundings this year, from 250 million gun owners.    Given that there are some 1.5 billion Muslims in the world, Muslim terrorists would need to kill 72,000 of us and wound 300,000 - just to keep up with the damage done to us by our own gun owners

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

    Too right, Banks should be punished for the stupidity of their customers!
          We should make lending to dummies as difficult as possible. If a bank wants to take a risk on an idiot, it should be required to cover itself by explaining the obvious to the dunce and getting initials on the explanation.
           They should not be allowed to issue credit cards to these folks without getting an essay, in the recipient's own handwriting, on what will happened when their credit-card debt matches their annual income.
  • " her expenses were scrutinised more because she is a woman"
    An odd way to play the victim card: 'I only got caught because of gender discrimination. Had I been a man, I could have gotten off undetected whilst committing twice the offenses.'
  • Education Secretary Michael Gove said some of the limitations put on adopters in the past - based on ethnicity, sexual orientation and faith - was "social engineering of the worst kind".
    Worse than that, it was state-sponsored racism of the worst kind.
  • Every time the Independent covers these fees, I ask what percentage of the cost of instruction they represent. Yet the stories never tell us. Is the Independent trying to hide something or are their reporters just to lazy to bother to find out?
Top Obama Economic Aide: Social Security Reform Not A Part Of Discussion On Fiscal Future

Top Obama Economic Aide: Social Security Reform Not A Part Of Discussion On Fiscal Future

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“You folks just don't get it. The government has been robbing the social security fund for years by paying a derisory level of interest and it does NOT want to have to pay any of these excess profits back.
NYC Smoking Ban Signed Into Law By Mayor Bloomberg

NYC Smoking Ban Signed Into Law By Mayor Bloomberg

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Good to see NYC jumping on an easy bandwagon. Now if they are really serious about saving lives and improving health, they will ban fizzy sugared drinks, cakes and candy. Instead of the three or four lives per year that this law will save, NYC could be saving 30,000.
Iran's Green Movement Lie

Iran's Green Movement Lie

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The Ayatollahs have learned - from the Shah, from the Ukraine, and now from Tunisia and Egypt, that milder forms of oppression can lead to successful revolution­. They know that they can never take the boot off the necks of the Iranian people or they will go they way of the Pahlavis.
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The Coming Shutdowns and Showdowns: What's Really at Stake

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“Partly true, Bob. You forgot to mention that the job-killin­g cuts are crucial for Republican­s, to ensure that the economy does not recover until after the 2012 elections.

Monday, 21 February 2011

  • "Half of the UK's female managers also think the law should be changed to make companies ensure that a minimum proportion of seats on their boards are filled by women..."
         Absolutely, there should also be minimum proportions for every creed, ethnic group and sexual preference resident in the UK. Can't think of a better way to get the best to serve on boards.
  • When a dictator says he is willing to fight his people to "the last man" it usually means the last of the people, not the last of the dictators.