Wednesday, 23 February 2011

    Too right, Banks should be punished for the stupidity of their customers!
          We should make lending to dummies as difficult as possible. If a bank wants to take a risk on an idiot, it should be required to cover itself by explaining the obvious to the dunce and getting initials on the explanation.
           They should not be allowed to issue credit cards to these folks without getting an essay, in the recipient's own handwriting, on what will happened when their credit-card debt matches their annual income.
  • " her expenses were scrutinised more because she is a woman"
    An odd way to play the victim card: 'I only got caught because of gender discrimination. Had I been a man, I could have gotten off undetected whilst committing twice the offenses.'
  • Education Secretary Michael Gove said some of the limitations put on adopters in the past - based on ethnicity, sexual orientation and faith - was "social engineering of the worst kind".
    Worse than that, it was state-sponsored racism of the worst kind.
  • Every time the Independent covers these fees, I ask what percentage of the cost of instruction they represent. Yet the stories never tell us. Is the Independent trying to hide something or are their reporters just to lazy to bother to find out?

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