Monday, 31 October 2016

Nick Clegg Says Despite Brexit, UK May Have To Continue To Pay Into EU Budget
What?! You mean the EU folks don't know that we in the UK are special and should be given stuff free of charge that others have to pay for? What is wrong with them?

Francois Hollande Says UK Authorities Must ‘Do Their Part’ To Settle Calais ‘Jungle’ 
We must, because it is dead certain that France will not do theirs

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Press Watchdog Independence Questioned After Sun Columnist Attacks Fatima Manji
Yes! IPSO cannot be thought of as independent if one of their members disagrees with me.
Certainly, no one who disagrees with me should make any public comment on this issue.
PS: Criticizing the provocative personal choice of an individual does NOT constitute an attack

MP Delivers Spectacular Putdown Over International Men’s Day
International Women's Day is serious and important event that celebrates a valuable part of humanity.   International Mens' Day is a silly joke that celebrates people who should not be celebrated. Nothing sexist about that position.

When A Company Is Failing, Female CEOs Get Blamed More Frequently Than Men
80% of female CEOS said to be at fault versus 31% of male CEOs
In what percentage of these cases were the CEOs actually at fault?

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Diane Abbott Accuses Daily Mail Of ‘Smear’ After it Quotes Her
    I appreciate that the UK is now accepting French refugees. Living in France is a horror that many sensible people would flee from. 
    But how dare the Daly Mail suggest that Abbot might be "ashamed of being British" when all she really said was "I am ashamed to be a British person?"
    PS: I am just as ashamed to have Abbot put forward as a Brit as she is of being British. This opportunist has a long history of inserting herself into stories about someone else if she thinks it will get her some publicity.

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Airbnb sues New York for imposing fines on illegal renters
What? Outrageous! People should be able to run unlicenced hotels if they want to. 
The public have NO right to be protected from shady operators. 
Certainly the government should not be allowed to set standards of cleanliness or safety: what business is it of theirs?

Piers Morgan Suggests Deporting ‘White Trash Racists’ To Make Room For Refugees
What an absolutely racist thing to say, Piers!
Imagine you had said they should deport the black lazies or the Italian greasies.

Friday, 21 October 2016

Labour’s Chris Bryant  Demands Apology For Deceased Gay And Bisexual MPs
Our necessary apologies:
We are sorry that gays ever faced discrimination
We are sorry that we enslaved blacks (among others)
We are sorry that women were treated as property
We are sorry a bunch of people died whe we built the empire
We are sorry that we did not honour our mommy and daddy and the sabath
We are sorry that we ever lied about anything

Are we done now?

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

In Nevada, you can vote for ‘None of These Candidates’
We need this everywhere!   If "None" wins, the position should remain empty for the term.

Half of young Americans prefer meteor apocalypse to Donald Trump presidency
One Third thought ‘Giant Meteor’ would be better than Hillary Clinton 
How wise and perceptive of them

Is the media fair to Donald Trump?
Is the media fair to the American people? No.
They are biased to negativity, presenting an image of our world and our country as a scary place where mostly bad people do mostly bad things most of the time. They know this is a false picture, one that increases stress, anomie and apathy, but they also know that it sells advertising and makes them money. 
That is, they do it deliberately, despite knowing that it harms our societ

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Logical analysis of why Clinton would not make a good president and Trump would:

4 people died in an embassy attack when Hillary was Sec. of State        Put her in jail
60 people died in 13 embassy attacks under Powell and Rice                  So what?

Poor people don't pay taxes.       They are freeloaders. 
Trump doesn't pay taxes.             He is a smart businessman. 

Clinton's foundation spends 26% of donations on admin expense.      She's a crook. 

Trump's foundation spends 50% of donations on admin expense.       A philanthropist.

Trump  took a loss of $916 million.        He's an entrepreneur
Clinton took a loss of $700 thousand.     She's a crook

Clinton takes responsibility for private email server;  apologizes.      She is not credible. 
Trump denies saying things that video tapes show him saying.          He tells it like it is.

Trump brags about committing sexual assaults.                 Boys will be boys
Court appointed Clinton to defend a sexual assault case.  She is lawyer scum

Bill Clinton cheated on his wife.               Impeach him.
Donald Trump cheated on all his wives.    Elect him.

Friday, 14 October 2016

The debasing of American politics
"Healthy democracies depend on unwritten rules."
What the Economist (and many a news outlet) misses is that the people WANT the unwritten rules to be torn up. 
      For decades, the news media have been telling us that the political system is broken; that all (or at least most) of our politicians are incompetent, stupid and/or venal.
      Brexiteers, Corbynista qnd Trumpettes are all just signs that the people have finally believed it. The electorate is willing to do almost anything to get rid of the people that the news media have told us are bad, regardless of how unpalatable the alternatives seem to be.

Icelandic Lawmaker Breastfeeds Her Baby Like A Boss While Addressing ParliamentSensible woman. Had she been in the loo at the time, I would have expected her to have the toilet carried to the front of the house so she could speak while continuing her natural bodily functions.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Trump tape started a national conversation about sexual assault
What is the appropriate penalty for 'harassment' by words or images?
      (We no longer believe that "sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never harm me," but we do not have consensus about what limitations should be put on free speech that is offensive to others - nor on what penalty such offense should entail.)
What is the appropriate penalty for groping?
   (It used to be a slap in the face, which was immediate and effective when done in public but risked a violent response if done in private and would be considered assault under today's statutes.)
What is the appropriate penalty for a man having sex with a woman who is too drunk to give informed consent?
What is the appropriate penalty for a woman having sex with a man who is too drunk to give informed consent?
What is the appropriate action if a man and a woman have sex when both are too drunk to give informed consent?
Should any attention be paid to the fact that males are genetically programmed to be sexually aggressive? If so, what? If not, why not?

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Jean-Claude Juncker Faces Legal Challenge From British Expats Over Brexit Talks Ban
Sorry, but Klunker is right and they are wrong. The referendum results do not REQUIRE the UK to leave the EU so, until the EU is informed that the UK actually INTENDS to leave (by invoking article 50), there is nothing to negotiate.      And do not argue that the Prime Minister has SAID we will leave. 
     Prime Ministers say lots of things that they do not later do. 
If someone said to me: let's negotiate to see what a hypothetical deal between us would look like if I decide that I want a deal, I would say "Foxtrot Oscar. Do not waste my time on hypotheticals: do you want a deal or not? If you don't, it is no skin off my nose, as I am happy with the status quo."

Chakrabarti Sending Son To Private School, Claims Grammar Schools Encourage Segregation
Well really good schools aren't for everyone, just for her own kids. It is just other people's kids that should be forced into comprehensives.

John Simpson: We’re All Shallow In Our Sympathy Towards Terrorism Victims
Because Syria is far away and we do not know any Syrians.
We care more about people and events nearby and things that happen to people we know.
You may occasionally jerk some tears with a good photo of a hurting kid, you might even get some funds for charity, but you will not get any real involvement.
      This is one reason that Black Lives Matter ignores whites who are killed by police and the NRA ignores urban gun crime: if it is not in our town and doesn't happen to people like us, we care less.

'Help Refugees' To Sue Home Office Over Failure To Accept Unaccompanied Child Refugees
"Nearly 90,000 child refugees who arrived in Europe last year were alone..."
And we know that European countries are thrid-world backwaters who cannot possibly care for any of them. Only the UK can do it, 'cause we're so superior.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

David Davis Says ‘Whole Government’ Will Be Blamed If Brexit Goes WrongThat is what is knowwn as "responsibility" these days. 
Everything is ALWAYS someone else's fault.
      The fact that he fought for it and has been given the task of making it happen is irrelevant: 
he wants you to know in advance that if he fails at his job it wasn't down to him failing at his job.

Anna Soubry Hits Out At Anti-Immigrant Hypocrites Who Eat Chicken Tikka Masala
You just don't get it, Anna. The purpose of stopping free movement in the EU is to ensure  a smaller proportion of immigrants are white Europeans.     PS: As others have pointed out, Chicken Tikka Masala is a totally British dish - its inspiration may have come from the Indian subcontinent, but it was invented here (in Glascow).

This Nobel Prize Has A Serious Diversity Problem
True. Diversity means including both great, good and mediocre science, as long as the proportion of awards equals the proportion of gender and ethnicity of the recipients in the general population. They should stop picking the best science and start picking people. 
Racism and sexism are far better criteria than the importance of the work.

Georgia Elementary School Educator Fired After Calling Michelle Obama A Gorilla
Would she be fired if she said that about Mrs Trump or Mr Clinton? 
If not, sacking her is a racist act, pure and simple.

Monday, 3 October 2016

Theresa May’s Grammar Schools Plans ‘Toxic’, Tory MP Heidi Allen Says
Of course it is toxic. It is an ideological matter.Even though the recent BMG poll shows that of the British people:
  60% think grammar schools help children from less well-off backgrounds 
  51% that grammar schools help improve social mobility 
  Only 34% think grammars increase elitism 
  and a mere 14% oppose increasing the number of grammar schools
            Anyone who suggests that the British people ought to get what they want or that bright kids should get a better education must be a poisonous right-wing fascist.

Yeah, right.
Even if they did add 1500 student place a year, it would not be enough to replace all overseas doctors by 2025 - not even by 2030. The best and the brightest will have no problem getting their fines paid for by the US practices that poach them.
Hammond Axes Osborne’s Deficit Reduction Timetable And Vows To Borrow To Invest
Yeah! Let the grandkids pay for our current lifestyle - they're not old enough to vote.

John Cleese Prompts Outrage For Calling Fraser Nelson A ‘Tenement Scot’ On Twitter
Scotish is now a race. Any criticism of a Scot is now racism. 
Living in a tenament is now an insult
The Selfish National Party can use this to say me-I-my-mine even louder than usual.
 The worst thing he did was tell the truth: "...their craving for social status makes them obedient retainers." 
It is not nice to tell uncomfortable truths, John. Look what happened to Gore.

Boris Describes Africa As ‘That Country’ During Conservative Party Conference Speech
Oh Boy! A simple slip of the tongue becomes an insult that we can get a let's-you-and-him-fight going with. Remember: our job as journalists is to make people think the world is a bad place to live.

Cara Delevingne Has A Mesmerising New Neck Tattoo
If this is what "mesmerises" you, you need to get out more.