Thursday, 27 October 2016

Press Watchdog Independence Questioned After Sun Columnist Attacks Fatima Manji
Yes! IPSO cannot be thought of as independent if one of their members disagrees with me.
Certainly, no one who disagrees with me should make any public comment on this issue.
PS: Criticizing the provocative personal choice of an individual does NOT constitute an attack

MP Delivers Spectacular Putdown Over International Men’s Day
International Women's Day is serious and important event that celebrates a valuable part of humanity.   International Mens' Day is a silly joke that celebrates people who should not be celebrated. Nothing sexist about that position.

When A Company Is Failing, Female CEOs Get Blamed More Frequently Than Men
80% of female CEOS said to be at fault versus 31% of male CEOs
In what percentage of these cases were the CEOs actually at fault?

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