Monday, 3 October 2016

Theresa May’s Grammar Schools Plans ‘Toxic’, Tory MP Heidi Allen Says
Of course it is toxic. It is an ideological matter.Even though the recent BMG poll shows that of the British people:
  60% think grammar schools help children from less well-off backgrounds 
  51% that grammar schools help improve social mobility 
  Only 34% think grammars increase elitism 
  and a mere 14% oppose increasing the number of grammar schools
            Anyone who suggests that the British people ought to get what they want or that bright kids should get a better education must be a poisonous right-wing fascist.

Yeah, right.
Even if they did add 1500 student place a year, it would not be enough to replace all overseas doctors by 2025 - not even by 2030. The best and the brightest will have no problem getting their fines paid for by the US practices that poach them.

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