Friday, 14 October 2016

The debasing of American politics
"Healthy democracies depend on unwritten rules."
What the Economist (and many a news outlet) misses is that the people WANT the unwritten rules to be torn up. 
      For decades, the news media have been telling us that the political system is broken; that all (or at least most) of our politicians are incompetent, stupid and/or venal.
      Brexiteers, Corbynista qnd Trumpettes are all just signs that the people have finally believed it. The electorate is willing to do almost anything to get rid of the people that the news media have told us are bad, regardless of how unpalatable the alternatives seem to be.

Icelandic Lawmaker Breastfeeds Her Baby Like A Boss While Addressing ParliamentSensible woman. Had she been in the loo at the time, I would have expected her to have the toilet carried to the front of the house so she could speak while continuing her natural bodily functions.

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