Tuesday, 4 October 2016

David Davis Says ‘Whole Government’ Will Be Blamed If Brexit Goes WrongThat is what is knowwn as "responsibility" these days. 
Everything is ALWAYS someone else's fault.
      The fact that he fought for it and has been given the task of making it happen is irrelevant: 
he wants you to know in advance that if he fails at his job it wasn't down to him failing at his job.

Anna Soubry Hits Out At Anti-Immigrant Hypocrites Who Eat Chicken Tikka Masala
You just don't get it, Anna. The purpose of stopping free movement in the EU is to ensure  a smaller proportion of immigrants are white Europeans.     PS: As others have pointed out, Chicken Tikka Masala is a totally British dish - its inspiration may have come from the Indian subcontinent, but it was invented here (in Glascow).

This Nobel Prize Has A Serious Diversity Problem
True. Diversity means including both great, good and mediocre science, as long as the proportion of awards equals the proportion of gender and ethnicity of the recipients in the general population. They should stop picking the best science and start picking people. 
Racism and sexism are far better criteria than the importance of the work.

Georgia Elementary School Educator Fired After Calling Michelle Obama A Gorilla
Would she be fired if she said that about Mrs Trump or Mr Clinton? 
If not, sacking her is a racist act, pure and simple.

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