Saturday, 15 October 2016

Logical analysis of why Clinton would not make a good president and Trump would:

4 people died in an embassy attack when Hillary was Sec. of State        Put her in jail
60 people died in 13 embassy attacks under Powell and Rice                  So what?

Poor people don't pay taxes.       They are freeloaders. 
Trump doesn't pay taxes.             He is a smart businessman. 

Clinton's foundation spends 26% of donations on admin expense.      She's a crook. 

Trump's foundation spends 50% of donations on admin expense.       A philanthropist.

Trump  took a loss of $916 million.        He's an entrepreneur
Clinton took a loss of $700 thousand.     She's a crook

Clinton takes responsibility for private email server;  apologizes.      She is not credible. 
Trump denies saying things that video tapes show him saying.          He tells it like it is.

Trump brags about committing sexual assaults.                 Boys will be boys
Court appointed Clinton to defend a sexual assault case.  She is lawyer scum

Bill Clinton cheated on his wife.               Impeach him.
Donald Trump cheated on all his wives.    Elect him.

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