Sunday, 9 October 2016

Jean-Claude Juncker Faces Legal Challenge From British Expats Over Brexit Talks Ban
Sorry, but Klunker is right and they are wrong. The referendum results do not REQUIRE the UK to leave the EU so, until the EU is informed that the UK actually INTENDS to leave (by invoking article 50), there is nothing to negotiate.      And do not argue that the Prime Minister has SAID we will leave. 
     Prime Ministers say lots of things that they do not later do. 
If someone said to me: let's negotiate to see what a hypothetical deal between us would look like if I decide that I want a deal, I would say "Foxtrot Oscar. Do not waste my time on hypotheticals: do you want a deal or not? If you don't, it is no skin off my nose, as I am happy with the status quo."

Chakrabarti Sending Son To Private School, Claims Grammar Schools Encourage Segregation
Well really good schools aren't for everyone, just for her own kids. It is just other people's kids that should be forced into comprehensives.

John Simpson: We’re All Shallow In Our Sympathy Towards Terrorism Victims
Because Syria is far away and we do not know any Syrians.
We care more about people and events nearby and things that happen to people we know.
You may occasionally jerk some tears with a good photo of a hurting kid, you might even get some funds for charity, but you will not get any real involvement.
      This is one reason that Black Lives Matter ignores whites who are killed by police and the NRA ignores urban gun crime: if it is not in our town and doesn't happen to people like us, we care less.

'Help Refugees' To Sue Home Office Over Failure To Accept Unaccompanied Child Refugees
"Nearly 90,000 child refugees who arrived in Europe last year were alone..."
And we know that European countries are thrid-world backwaters who cannot possibly care for any of them. Only the UK can do it, 'cause we're so superior.

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