Thursday, 24 February 2011

  • This should be particularly important in banks. It is hard to see how even token-female board members could stuff things up any worse than did their male colleagues, allegedly appointed on merit..
  • Somehow the last sentence does not jibe with the headline: Record profits for the year, but profits decline badly in the second half. So, avoiding the Mr Grierson's agenda for this piece, I looked to the bottom line. For every pound's worth of gas that the owners of BG sold us, they got to keep 4 pence. Seems fair.  Would you work or invest your money for less?
  • Republicans need to stir come controversy and kill some jobs to prevent the recovery from kicking in before the 2012 elections. That their tactics to win elections will hurt their fellow Americans bothers them no more than the Democrats are bothered by spending the country into poverty in pursuit of votes.

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