Thursday, 21 May 2015

Why Progressives Should Back a Brexit
What a great idea!  Make everyone worse off, if it is a chance to punish your enemy.   Okay, the poor will be brutally punished, but the rich will be punished even more so let's go for it. (Nobody cares about the poor anyway.)

Bring back self-defence classes for women – it’s the feminist thing to
     It couldn't hurt. It builds confidence and attitude which are good defenses in their own right, and it is also great exercise.
     But remember the caveat of hand-to-hand combat training: Over the next 6 weeks you will learn enough to get the sh!t kicked out of you in any bar in the UK.

6 reasons why David Cameron's relentless pursuit of fewer immigrants is fundamentally flawed
Aw geez, guys. Stop trying to confuse us with facts when our minds are already made up. 
We don't want more immigrants and we don't care that:
1) they make us better off economically
2) they create more jobs for UK natives
3) they have a better taxes-paid to benefits-consumed ratio than we do

States move to pre-approve groceries that can be bought with food stamps
Big government nanny state at it again.
When will these people learn that government meddling is the problem, not the solution.

Lord Mayor of Copenhagen accuses Ryanair of 'social dumping' 
The airline everyone loves to hate, even though more people fly them every year.

The ten most unequal countries in the developed world
The deck is well and truly stacked: 
Capital is taxed only on profit, not on revenue. 
Labour is taxed on revenue, not on profit.

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