Saturday, 1 April 2017

Gingrich: Six ways Congress can make room for tax cuts that will create more jobs
1. Fiddle the books to make it look like we did more than we did, Obama less (yawn)
2. Sell unneeded stuff (Great idea!)
3. Cut fraud (Good idea, as most is committed by business)
4, Encourage economic growth (good idea, but let's see it before we spend it)
5) Cut taxes that yield growth (good idea - make all cuts flat $ amounts, not a %)
         (This generates the maximum boost to our economy economy per $ cut)
6) Increase tariffs (Bad idea when trade unions proposed it, still a bad idea today)

Conservative Split Over Import Tax
Tariffs have been the holy grail of the trades-unions movement for decades now. To date, both Republicans and Democrats have realized this was a bad idea and refused to give them what they wanted. Looks like the lefties have now gotten some Republicans to back them

Good choice. "Amash" is a foreign-sounding name so he will be easier to unseat.
Two things America cannot afford right now are an Independent Judiciary and and Independent Legislative branch. There is only room for one opinion in America today and the sooner the other two branches or government realize this, the less likely a putcsh will be.

Google Reveals It Paid Over £30 Million In UK Corporation Tax In 2016
What! How dare this company pay all the tax that UK laws ask it to, laws written by our parliament?Shouldn't they voluntarily pay more than they owe, just as we all do when we file our returns?

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