Monday, 18 April 2016

Iain Duncan Smith Tells President Obama To Get US To Join The EU If He Likes It So Much
Yeah, IDS!
The reasons for Scotland and Wales leaving the UK are identical with those for the UK leaving Europe. Why can't Obama see this? Does he HAVE to comment on Brexit from his own country's interest in the relationship with the UK? Why can't he speak from a political view that suits IDS?

Disgusting! Why are the French not doing something to help these children?
Why do they keep them in the "jungle."
Why do they keep anyoone in the "jungle?"

Pearl Jam Cancels North Carolina Shows Over Transgender Law
Pearl Who?   And what is it that theythink the word "sacrifice" means?

It May Be More Than A Decade Before We See A Woman On A Bill
No! No! Who has that kind of attention span?
If it doesn't happen by tomorrow it doesn't count.

I think the media are confusing us with people who actually give a shit about internal campaign issues

US Cops have always killed more whites than blacks, but no one has ever paid any attention to that.

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