Sunday, 24 April 2016

MoD Should Face Prosecution When Armed Forces Personnel Are Killed During Training
I take it that is code for "persecution."
Still, it would be an effective way to destroy the military: ensuring bad training and building a culture of timidity.

Bernie Sanders: Tax Cigarettes, But Not Soda
If you think that taxing tobacco will reduce smoking, but taxing employment will not reduce jobs, you could be a Democrat.

Michelle Obama Speaks In Mississippi, Slams Its New Anti-LGBT Law
The middle east is an on-going holocaust, the climate is going to hell, the working and middle classes are subsiding the rich, and our top dogs are worrried about the LBGTRF community and who uses which toilet?

Donald Trump’s Changed Tone Doesn’t Mean Policy Change, Top Aide Says
Oh. There was a policy before? I must have missed that.

Islamic State Mass Yazidi Graves Unearthed In Iraq
This is because Daesh are moharebeh and koufar: they are apostates - non-believing enemies of Allah.

Eamonn Holmes Criticised By ‘This Morning’ Viewers Over Prince Comments
Of course he shoulld be criticised: it is not permitted to have an opinion that disagrees with the herd.

Widowed former Pennsylvania senator will remarry at 90, this time to a man
If it were a girl, we would say "old fool" and "gold digger" but I suppose we cannot say this here, as it would seen as an attack on the sacred LBGTRF community.

No nomination for Donald Trump if he falls short of delegate majority
What? Outrageous! Just because a majority of Republicans have voted against him in the primaries, they want to have an actual ballot at the conventiion? How is that fair? Shouuldn't he just be given the nomination becaue he is one of the 1% and hence entitled?

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