Friday, 8 April 2016

In France, It's Now A Crime To Pay For Sex
But only cash, not kind. (You can still buy him or her dinner and a movie.)

Bill Clinton Spars With Black Lives Matter Heckler
It is always difficult to take on a racist movement

Free People Accused Of ‘Disgusting Cultural Appropriation’ Absolutely.It is time to stop ALL cultural appropriation. 
No more pajamas, unless they are made by Urdus. 
No more panchos, unless they are made by Peruvians. 
No more pizzas, unless they are made by Italians. 
No more hamburgers or frankfurters, unless made by Germans. 
No more bue jeans unless they are made by Americans. 
No more math, unless taught by Greeks. 
No more reading and writing, unless taught by Mesoptamians.

David Cameron Admits He Did Own A Stake In Father’s Offshore Trust
Did he "confess" to doing anything else that was perfectly legal?
Was there any other income that he paid all UK taxes on?

Puerto Rico Activists Crash Federal Reserve Panel With Creative Protest
In looking for a bailout, they sound like Greece: 
"Give us more of other people's money so we can blow it on our currrent lifestyle again."

Senior Afghan Taliban proposes US talks
Why would western countries want to talk with these koufar mohareb? 
Outrageous! People should not have to pay for things they use. 
The entitlement generation should be able to just take things without paying for them. Shouldn't they?
He was NOT fired for his faith.  
He was fired for trying to sell his faith when he was on the job.  
Most people would not want to be proseletysed at the barrel of a gun

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