Sunday, 3 April 2016

Greece Demands IMF Explain ‘Disaster’ Remarks In Explosive Leak
Oh dear. Some IMF people were caught telling the truth about Greece.
Can't have that. Honesty just gets in the way of negotiations. AND, 
they should not being plotting how to make Greece keep its word.

Jeremy Corbyn Letting Labour Members ‘Get Away’ With Being Anti-Semitic
And Jews are not the only semites that some Labour party members harbour hostility for.

Leonardo DiCaprio ‘May Be Banned From Indonesia Over Palm Oil Comments
Indonesia sounds like a modern University: ban anyone who disagrees with you from coming to campus.

Scottish Labour Leader Kezia Dugdale Praised For Coming Out In Interview
Dugdale said: “I have a female partner. I don’t talk about it very much.."
And we are extremely grateful. People who talk about their sexuality when it is not relevant to their role at the time are self-obsessed over-sharers. We wish they would, occasionally, just shut up.
PS: Would she be "praised" if she "came out" as hetero-sexual?

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