Monday, 4 April 2016

Why is doping in sport becoming too common?
Because they have ALWAYS used performance-enchancing drugs, since sports began.
At professional level some 25% of players, regardless of the sport, play hurt.
Injured players tape up and take a pain-reliever.
The pain-reliever allows them to perform better than they could without it.
This is considered acceptable by all bodies that regulate sports
Still wonder why sportsters see the phrase "performance enhanciing drugs" as a hypocritical joke?

Supreme Court Deals A Blow To Conservatives In Major Voting Rights Case
"State legislators should be responsive to the concerns of all of their constituents, not just those who can vote."    Dream on: National legislators do not even feel the need to represent constituents from other political parties, much less non-citizens, felons or kids too young to vote. 
      Justice Scalia, a strict constructionist, would have laughed the appellants out of the court. He would have argued that "whole number of persons" meant "whole number of persons" and not "the number of persons who meet certain ctiteria."

There's Going To Be An Inquiry Into The Chilcot Inquiry Process
Well done, Sir Humphrey.

Trump And Cruz Find Common Ground — Kasich Should Go
The reason no one cares is that Kasich only seems sane by comparison to the whack jobs. 
Anyone who looks at his website closely knows he is still a very scary dude. 
Whatever happens, the media have already decided to give him no coverage.

So - Go, Stay: irrelevant.

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