Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Life Expectancy Drops For White Women, Increases For Black Men
Are we meant to be pleased that the gender and race gaps are reducing?

Bernie Ecclestone's 'Sexist' Put-Down Just Managed To Offend Women Everywhere
“Women are more competent, and they don’t have massive egos.  The 85-year-old’s remark immediately prompted fierce criticism."
Yes, I can see how that sexist remark would be offensive.

"Prince William Tells Critics He Performs Enough Royal Duties"
Uppity little slave, isn't he?

ESPN’s Curt Schilling Goes On Anti-Transgender RantA trans-intellectual, he identifies with a different intelligence than the one he was born with.

NUS National Conference Hears Arguments Against Commemorating Holocaust
To which Holocaust are they referring?
One of the big ones, one the small ones or the middle-sized one in Germany from 39-45?

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