Saturday, 30 April 2016

U.S. Military Investigates And Finds Itself Not Guilty Of War Crimes
"Crime" requires mens rea, or intent at thhe very least, which has not been established beyond reasonable doubt. indeed, mens rea was - on balance of probabilities - absent.

Jeremy Corbyn Launches Plan To Tackle Labour’s Anti-Semitism Storm
"He yesterday denied there was a ‘crisis’ in the party... "
If there is a crisis, it is a totally media-created beat-up one - with Huffpo as part of the howling pack. One asks: why are they taking on Labour only, ignoring the anti-semitism in the Tory and Selfish-National parties?

And he is right, everything he said about Hitler is, indeed, a fact. 
However, it is very un-PC to tell uncomfortable truths, especially if they involve "minorities".
PS: The worst anti-semitism today is practiced by the state of Israel against the muslim semites of Palestine.

U.S. Foreign Policy Got In The Way Of Helping Greece, Greek Ex-Official Says
Yeah! Greece needed more of other people's money (having spent all of their own on high living) and the US was woefully at fault for not insisting that other people give it to them.

Pretty silly storm in a teacup. If you don't like someone, don't refuse them just make them a really, really bad cake.  What? that would hurt them more than a refusal, so the refusal actually helped the same-sex couple rather than harmed them?  Oh.  Sorry.  Never mind.

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