Monday, 25 April 2016

The SNP Borrows Margaret Thatcher Slogan For Election Campaign Billboard
Why is anyone surprised that the Selfish National Party plaigerizes (steals) from others?
Did anyone expect them to do anything else?

Anger As Tory MPs Vote Down Plan To Take 3,000 Child Refugees From Europe
The anger should not be directed at the Tories, who want to take kids from refugee camps in the region; kids with much greater need.
   It should be directed at the miserable excuses for human being who want to use these kids as a political football. The fact that the kids in question have already made safety in Europe (in countries that can take afford to care of them without our help) is deliberately burried, so that they can be used as a partisan bludgeon. Sadly, those wielding the bludgeon do not seem to care about the kids in refugee camps back in the region - in their minds only those who have already made it to safety should count and the hell with the kids in real need.

NUS No Platform Policy Prompts Lively Debate On BBC Victoria Derbyshire Programme
But they are right, aren't they? Like those who watch FOX News, these students wish to be protected from any opinions that they don't agree with. Isn't that the modern way? Both the Taliban and Daesh take the same position.

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