Friday, 22 April 2016

Obama Says Brexit Would Put UK At ‘Back Of The Queue’ For Trade Deal
What! Does he mean that the US will act in its own best interest?
How dare they!
Why don't they just act in the interest of my opinions?

Trump surrogates say GOP front-runner 'projecting an image' during primaries
That is one definition of a populist politician: one who lies to the would-be voters - telling them whatever they want to hear in order to get their votes. Once elected, the populist simply ignores any promises made. The difficulty is trying to determine what the real agenda of the populist is. As Donnie is one of the 1%, I suspect his agenda will be to continue to stack the deck in favour of the rich at the expense of the middle and working classes.

Boris Johnson Accused Of ‘Racism’ For Calling Obama A ‘Part-Kenyan President’
So this half American half Turkish petty aristocrat is offended by Obama's lowly origins? What an ofay honky thing to say.    PS: "Kenyan" is not a race.

NUS President-Elect Malia Bouattia Disaffiliation Threat 
Did the NUS White Students' Officer also stand for the election? Or just the NUS Black Students' Officer?

What The Government Announced While The Focus Was On The Queen
This is clearly the government's fault because they know that journalists can't both walk and chew gum at the same time. If the herd is stampeding to focus on story A, then story B gets ignored. Once the pack get around to story B they have to be able to blame somone else for their failure to cover it earlier.

LOUD & PROUD: Rufus Wainwright
I Don't mind the Proud part, but i could do without the Loud. The most self-obsessed people on the planet, the LBGTRF crowd will just not stop gibbering on about themselves ad nauseum. And it is not as if they had anything original to say: mostly it seems to be just me, I, my, and mine.

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