Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Bernie Won't Back Down Despite New York Drubbing

Ain't ego a wonderful thang?

Tesla Suddenly Has A Huge New Competitor
Beware any company who gives you something "free of charge."
They may have other motives.

Populism Was The Real Winner On Tuesday Night
YES! To heck with whatever might be good for the country or for humanity, populism says let's vote for whatever is popular. Can it be done? Will it help or hurt us? Who cares, it's popular!

Ben Carson Hates To See Genocidal Slave Owner Andrew Jackson Replaced On The $20 Bill
Especially if Jackson to be replaced by a piker.
Tubman, as a Union spy, only killed people piecemeal, not in large quantities.

YOU’RE OUT! ESPN Fires Curt Schilling Over Anti-Transgender Rant
Too right, fire him! How dare he hold an opinion I disagree with!

Media Goes Gaga After Trump Takes A Night Off From Jackassery
Well of course they do. The media, Huffpo included, have given him far more mintues/column inches than ANY other candidate. Why? Because he spouts the same kind of hatred of humantity that they do - always looking for someone to say something nasty about.

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