Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Kerry hits back at Trump's torture talk
Sorry John, you apparently think that people who have never served in the military understand military logic. 40% of America WANTS to sink to the levels of its adversaries and do not care if that means that American soldiers and civilians are tortured in return. If those guys do it, we should do it too - and to hell with American values, we never believed in American values anyway.

Harvard Alum Says Allowing Women Into Elite Club Could Lead To More Rape
Yeah! Especially if they don't cover their hair

Congressman Wants A ‘National Day Of Reason’ As Atheist Alternative To Day Of Prayer
Sorry Mike, only about 10% would understand what a "day of reason" meanes.

David Cameron Employing More Staff For Benefits Crackdown Than Collecting Tax
Yeah! Because theft (blodging) is much worse if rich people do it than if poor people do it. 
Poor people should be allowed to steal rather than work. Rich people should not

Celebrity Threesome Campaign Very Different From How Press Treated John Whittingdale 
Yeah! How dare they prefer one bit of salacious gossip over another?
Isn't their job to try and bring down everyone we know or might know?

John Whittingdale, Culture Secretary, Admits To Relationship With Sex Worker
"I think it is a bit much to castigate the newspapers for doing the right thing for once.”
    One should ALWAYS castigate the media for doing the right thing. 
    Their job is to tear our country and our politicians down, not to treat them fairly. 
    They should report EVERY male that ever had a relationship with a sex worker.

John Whittingdale Escort Story Leads To Extraordinary Today Show Clash
Good for the BBC, standing up for our right to know salacious gossip and our right to have our representatives' good name trashed for no good reason beyond selling advertising.

John Cleese Tweets His Rage Over John Whittingdale Escort Story ‘Cover Up
"...was not a minister at the time of the relationship, and was not aware the woman was a sex worker. Cleese appears adamant this is clear sign of a cover-up"
Well, yes, I can see how not being a minister and being unaware clearly means there is a cover-up. Can't you?

This Program Is Giving Inmates An Ivy League Education
What? How dare they?
Prisons exist to punish people for revenge, NOT for rehabilitation.
It is more important that prisoners suffer than that they become productive members of society.

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