Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Sadiq Khan: Goldsmith’s Divisive Campaign Is Putting Muslims Off Taking Part In Politics
Oh boy, playing the Muslim card already? 
If he doesn't win, I'll bet he'll sue for discrimination.

Channel 4’s Dispatches Shows PIP Assessor Mocking Disabled People As ‘Fat’
Horrors! One should not tell the truth about blodgers; it not only offends them, it may make people wonder why we should give them our money to live on without contributing.

Climate Change Is Literally Causing Earth’s Poles To ShiftOh help, help! The pole has never shifted before, what will we do, will the sky fall? What? The poles shift all the time and have always done since the earth began? Oh. Sorry. Never mind.
    Why should we panic about this? Because our panic helps Huffpo sell advertising. Is that good for society or the truth? Who cares? W'e're selling adverts here!

See Where Women Have The Most And Least Political Representation In The U.S.
So, the main thesis is that women can only be repesented by women and (presumably) men only by men?   By extension, the number of blacks, hispanics, germanics, francophones, etc should also equal their porportion of the general population in the state?

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