Friday, 25 March 2016

Microsoft Chat Bot Goes On Racist, Genocidal Twitter Rampage
"the big problem here is that Microsoft apparently failed to set up any meaningful filters on what Tay can tell users. ...maybe the bot could’ve been set up with filters that would have prevented it from deploying the n-word or saying that the Holocaust was “made up.”
      This is what the PC crowd would like done to humans as well. I am certain that the thought-police filters can be developed for TAY and then there willa strong movement to put such filters on social media so that only "acceptable" thoughts can be expressed.
I will leave it to others as to whether this will be a good thing.
        Actually, the headline on this article is pretty scary. It stresses the intentionality of the AI ("goes on rampage") and not the fact that it was people who taught it to produce these messages. Another example of "we're not responsible - it's always someone else's fault."

Donald Trump Dismisses MPs' Attempt To Ban Him From UK

Igoramus! It was not an MP attempt, it was a spontaneous petition that MPs were REQUIRED BY LAW to consider once in had garnered more than 5 time the minimum number of signatures needed to force commons to consider a petition.
   PS: Not sure whether the "ignoramus" applies to Donnie, to Huffpo, or to both in this instance

Bernie Sanders Lays Out His Requirements For Endorsing Hillary Clinton
If my platform does not win the votes of a majority of democrats, my price for party unity is for that majority to adopt my platform anyway - and to heck with what the majority wants.

Is this pay gap actually due to gender pay differential or due to the jobs performed. That is, are women reporters (or janitors or kitchen staff or secretaries) with the same seniority getting less than their male counterparts? Are female sales reps with the same seniority and who bring in the same revenue gettting less than their male colleagues?   If not, there is no pay gap, though there may be a role gap.  The solution may be to change the jobs that people want to apply for: e.g hire more men in lower paid roles.

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