Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Apple: DOJ iPhone Request Would 'Appall' U.S. Founders
They would also be appalled by congress stating that it willl not do its constitutional duty. 
     Justice Scalia, a strict constructionist, is turning in his grave as Reid and the Retroblicans reinterpret the constitution for partisan gain.

Donald Trump's Campaign Success Explained -- He's Earned '$2 Billion Of Free Media'True! The Repoublican nprimaries have been a reality TV show and Trump is the only candidate with any experience in this genre.   
The keys for media coverage are:
     Talk about the process - it adds suspense and excitement
     Talk about how the candidates feel - it adds emotion
      Interview citizens about how they feel - it adds community
      Do not talk about issues - that requires research and no one understands them anyway. Too hard.
The best way to understand the American primaries is Runway, Top Chef, Pop Idol and the Apprentice. There is not even the levening intelligence that costing something brings to Dragon's Den. The media have no skin in the game and pandering sells advertising while analysis loses ratings and share.

Animal Conservation Enthusiast, Backs Trophy Killing In Some Circumstances
NO! They should not be killed at all, they should supported in luxury at someone else's expense. We do not care about the people who they compete with for land use, let the people starve. We do not care about managing the game population: let them multiply until they starve to death. We just want someone else to maintain them so that we can look at an occasional picture or documentary about them - as long as we don't have to actually do or pay anything for the privilege.

'Someone is going to die': experts warn lawmakers over self-driving cars
Well of course they are. Human drivers kill 35,000 a yaear in the USA.
If robot cars get that down to 20,000, they still will be blamed for killing people.
Meanwhile, the media wil be there, baying for a return to 35,000 because robots are killing so many.

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