Thursday, 17 March 2016

I Went Undercover at a Trump Rally, And What I Witnessed Was Horrifying
"as deep as I could get in enemy territory" says it all.
Author Max Jackson is just like a Trump supporter or FOX news addict: anyone who disagrees with him is the enemy.  Both sides of the political aisle now think this way, and hence America is lost.

Harvard To Scrap Controversial Law School Seal Associated With Slavery
Stupid. The shield has stood for more anti-slavery and civil rights actions than it ever stood for slavery. This is Harvard turning its back on its own centiuries-long record to placate a few students who needed something to do this semester.

Pro-Brexit Student Society Barred Because It Has 'Britain' In Its Name
What pseudo-PC idiots: ashamed of their own country's name. And we put these ignoramuses in charge of the education of our children?

The Principle is: "The constitution should be ignored or trashed if there is a chance for partisan gain.
Justice Scallia is turning in his grave.

Maybe The GOP Establishment Should Have Embraced John Kasich Sooner
Ahhh, the three Have brothers enter the race: Could Have, Would Have and Should Have.

Gerry Adams expresses anger after being denied entry to White House
Well, you see Gerry, condoning and ordering murder has consequences.

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