Friday, 11 March 2016

Ben Carson Endorses Donald Trump Even Though The Tycoon Called Him 'Pathological'
Poor Ted Cruz, the Canadian running for US President, shows how little he understands the American political process and what is happening with Trump. He reportedly said to Donnie " "It is not enough to say China bad, Muslims bad........."
    Ted, Ted, Ted: for most Trumpettes "China Bad, Muslim Bad" is about as deep as they can think and any more complex argument just confuses them. If you want to get the nomination Ted, you need to start saying "China Bad, Muslim Bad, Mexican Bad, Arab Bad, Israel Good, Europe Iffy, Tax Cut Good, Deregulation Good, Welfare Bad (except welfare for companies).
      Oh, and if you want campaign funds, you must also say "wealth gap doesn't matter."

Haunting pictures capture London shrouded in dense fog
Oh dear, the problems of getting old. When I was young we called this a "slight haze."
 "Dense Fog" was reserved for when you needed a chain man walking in front of the bus.

BBC Question Time:  Producers Defend Over 'Tory' And 'Brexit' Bias Claims
Oh my. The Selfish National Party was not put front and center? Can't have that can we? 
As we say in Scotland: if you are not one of us, you're against us.

Tory councillor walks free from court after posting 'very stupid' tweet about Sadiq Khan
It was brought to court because you are white and he is not. Had it been he posting the same stupid tweet about you, I gaurentee nothing at all would have happened.

Oscar and Golden Globe-nominated actor challenges the old white dudes
I do like "old white dudes." It has that ageist-racist essence that makes one seem cool and un-PC.
Almost as good as the N word, but requires less courage.

Mother of murdered Stephen Lawrence: Racism still 'quite rife' in Britain
Ya think?
Hey people: racism is genetically coded in every human being.
It takes a lot of software to overcome a hard-wired bais.

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