Thursday, 10 March 2016

Questions to ask the presidential candidates at each debate:
1) What do you see as the three most important issues facing America today?
2) What would you like to see done about these three issues
3) What compromises would you make with the other party in order to get this done?

For those legislative candidates who want to see smaller government:
  So you would be in favor of eliminating the office you are running for?
(But if each state only had one senator, we would save at least 100 million per year. If a congressperson represented around 1.5 million citizens, instead of the current 735,000, we could save at least another 400 million per year:  That is $5 billion off the deficit over the next decade, as Paul Ryan liked to say.)
  So you only are in favor of eliminating someone else's job, but not your own?

The Democratic Debate In Miami Proves That 2016 Comes Down To Immigration
Proves? Proves how? Does the author of this piece know what the word "proves" mean?
      LucĂ­a Quiej bravely wanted to know what the candidates would do to help her and her husband, who think they should only obey laws that are convenient for them and who have no qualms about disobeying any laws they do not like, such as applying for permission to immigrate, paying taxes or having a valid driver's licence to drive.
     Oh, and Ms Quiej seems not to have learned much English although she has been in this country for at least 16 years. That does seem a bit lazy.

'The Sun' Misleads the Nation About the Queen's Views on the EU Referendum
Telling deliberate lies in order to mislead the public?  
Sounds like Alex Salmond and the Selfish National Party during the Scotexit campaign.

Muslim Women Speak Out On English Language Requirements, Integration, And Extremism
Translation: I have no desire to integrate into British society because they once had an empire and the large of proportion of their soldiers were not multilingual. The logic is strong with this one!
                       Lee James Allen · 
Soot on, Lee. Oh, and "Your ancestors behaved badly when they were in my country, so I have the right to behave badly when I come to yours today."

US and Canada promise to lead world to low-carbon economy
"Under the initiative, the US and Canada will work to ratify the Paris agreement as soon as possible..."
Sadly, this will be opposed by the Republicans because it was proposed by the President of the United States of America. (Had it been proposed by a Republican, the Democrats would oppose it.)

Veteran Who Pushed Black Student At Trump Rally Says He's 'Not A Racist'
Had she been white and he pushed her, that would have been rude - perhaps even assault
Had he been black and pushed her, that would have been rude- perhaps even assault
Were he black and she white, it would have been rude, probabale assault, but not racist.
However, because he is white and she is black, anything negative he did to her means he must be a racist. Welcome to modern logic.

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