Tuesday, 29 March 2016

What ‘white folks who teach in the hood’ get wrong about education
folks say to me "that’s inherently racist.” But no, because it’s a reality."
Gosh, don' he sound jus' like a Jim Crow good ole boy, talkin' 'bout them darkies?

Why a hardline extremist group targeted Lahore in Easter bombing
Because they have been given tacit perrmission and acceptance by the mulism communities in which they live and operate. 
How many of these groups have been declafed koufar: non-believing apostates?
How many have been declared mohareb: enemies of Allah? 
How many have had a fatwa issued against them?
How many are denounced by name in every mosque and madrassa?

Sajid Javid Criticised For Flying To Australia As Tata Steel Decides On Thousands Of British Jobs In India
OH NO! You mean he is not doing the job the way the other party wants? How horrible! 
     Of course Stephen Kinnock is THE Labour expert on doing this job (given that his father was once a Labour Minister and his wife is the PM of Denmark), but even he couldn't explain why Labour's shadow Business Secretary, Angela Eagle, wasn't there either.

Utah Governor Signs Anesthesia Requirement For Some Abortions
That's big government for you - getting between me and my doctor. 
How dare this jerk call himself a Republican?
Fidel Castro to Obama: We don't need your 'presents'
Gosh, doesn't Fidel sound just like a republican politician?

Apple vs. FBI: What Happened?
Actually, what happend was that the FBI finally decided that gettting the data was more important than getting the upper hand in telling businesses what to do. The FBI knew thaat the NSA could crack the phone before they went to court and Apple knew it could hack the phone without endangering other i-phones. This was simply a power play on both sides - another in a long series of them, with more to come. Watch this space.

NHS trust bosses slam £600m hospital fines over patient targets
But what a great idea in principle: if an organization doees not have the resources to achieve the target, take away some of their reosurces. Bleeding the patient was popular for 2000 years and physicians only gave it up 250 years ago. Managers of physicians, apparently, still believe in it.

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