Monday, 14 March 2016

Ankara bombing: Erdogan seeks to widen terrorism definition
Erdogan has taken the opportunity to redefine "terrorism."  
It now means "anyone who disagrees with me."    How ISIS of him

Boris Johnson Channels Hugh Grant To Slam Barack Obama For 'Hypocrisy' 
Lying Boris is channeling Alex Salmond, saying that UK will not lose influence when he knows that this is not true. 
Like Alex, Boris does not care about his country's influence, so long as his own influence is increased.
Labour Member In Anti-Semitic Rant Let Off With A Warning
Sounds like America: anyone who says anything against Israel is an anti-semite. Her remarks are nothing compared to the anti-semitism that Israel inflicts on the Palestinians, who are also semites.
       Her error was tweeting "Jews" throughout, when she meant "Israelis." Had she said Israeli's there would have been nothing anti-semitic about her tweets at all. Still, the definition of bigotry is to apply the negative characteristics of a minority in a group to the entire group. Thus, concatenating all Jews around the world with Israelis and painting all Jews all with the sins of Israel does fit the definition of bigotry.

SNP MP Good Sense Of Humour' Sees Him Post Attack On Sturgeon And His Own Party
Oooh! Someone in the Selfish National Party who is honest?
Sadly, we learn,he is not honest for long.

No. It is NOT okay to criticize women for taking naked selfies. That would be sexist.
It IS okay to criticize a man for taking naked selfies. That would be attemtped rape.

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