Thursday, 17 March 2016

Junk Food Advertising Near Schools Should Be Banned, Says Local Government Association
Too right. That is much simpler than expaccting parents or schools to teach children to handle bad adverTising. What we really need is a society where everything not forbidden is compulsory.

American Says Joining ISIS Was A ‘Bad Decision’
How could he know in advance that joining  koufar moharebeh, who are also murdering, slave-trading rapists, would be a bad idea?

California College Student In Stabbing Spree Was Inspired By ISIS And Acted Alone, FBI Says
People seem to have lost the community spirit of the Ides of March. It is not about just stabbing, it's about coming together in groups to stab.

Harvard To Scrap Controversial Law School Seal Associated With Slavery
Stupid. The shield has stood for more anti-slavery and pro-civil-rights actions than it ever stood for slavery. This is Harvard turning its back on its own centiuries-long record to placate a few students who needed something to do this semester.

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