Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Theresa May’s New Cabinet: Boris Johnson Given Top Job
A clown as foreign secretary? I can think of no one less qualified. Stupid, stupid woman.

One Year on From Arriving In Britain as a Syrian Refugee
Nice to know that Britain will give charity to take care of people who refused to fix their own country. And they let his entire family join him here. Great advert for getting to Britain any way you can.

David Cameron Final PMQs Receives Standing Ovation
I noticed that the Selfish National Party did not stand. Well of course not: it wasn't about them

Labour Suspends Local Party Meetings To Prevent Intimidation
Wise move. One doesn't know who will be shot or bricked next. 
All Labour MPs that do not support Corbyn would be wise to stay indoors until the leadership vote - or at least only venture out when accompanied by bodyguards.

Labour Executive’s Johanna Baxter Tearily Recounts Tense NEC Meeting 
The lead-in headline show Huffo's agenda quite clearly: 
"Labour Executive Breaks Down Criticising Corbyn For 'Endorsing Bulling'"
She actually said "bullying" but Huffpo quotes it as "bulling", as a way to do her down, because it supports the bullying by thuggish Corbyn supporters.

Hitler Escaped Nazi Germany And Lived In Paraguay Until His Death In 1971
6 years later, Elvis took over his house in Paraguay and still lives there today.

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