Monday, 18 July 2016

When is Online Abuse Just Banter?
Ils sont Charlie

MacKenzie’s Comments About Manji Called ‘Religious and Racial Hatred’ 
I can see that questioning or criticising ANY aspect of Islam is now called "inciting religious hatred," but where did they think race came into it? 
     And, yes I do appreciate that wearing a garment that is sexist (ever see a man wearing one?) and divisive (designed to emphasize the difference between the wearers and other members of society, rather than their similarities) is an absolute individual right in our society.
       If the head-scarf is the equivalent of the hijab and the hijab is found to be offensive to some people in western cultures, why would a woman not wear a head-scarf instead of a hijab when in western cultures. Is this radically different from expecting that a western woman not go bare-headed when visiting a mosque in the UK or a sharia-law country abroad.  I think it is called "good manners."

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