Wednesday, 27 July 2016

'Treason'? Critics savage Trump over Russia hack comments

Oh stop whining. True Trumpettes do not care about treason if it helps the Donald win.
If Russia, North Korea, Iran and ISIS can help beat Hillary, Trumpettes are all for working with them.
       The only thing I really worry about is that Donald has said he will stop immigration (and even tourism) from countries infected by terrorism. That means Israelis can't come to the US anymore.

Thank Goodness Nick Clegg Is Brexit Scrutineer-in-Chief
Goodness, Huffpo!      A positive story.       Is there a blue moon this month?
    Okay, a couple of sour whines (e.g. "propped up"), but your heart wasn't really in it.
Have the editors decided to present some balanced news for a change or is this an aberration?
Will we be back to and exclusive diet of bang-bang and lets you-and-him-fight tomorrow?

Le Monde Won’t Publish Terrorists’ Pictures: Policy Aimed At Preventing ‘Posthumous Glory’
Quite right, too! And take down any site that posts their picture (you listening, Anonymous?)         
            It is time for ALL media to stop helping these enemies of Allah by calling them IS, thus propagating their two big lies: that these criminals are either Islamic or a state.

LGBT Services Are Facing Meltdown, Disproportionately
Oh. You mean they are being treated like everyone else? That's equality. That will never do.
Unless they get special treatment that no one else gets, we are discriminating against them.

Owen Smith Says He Wants To ‘Smash Theresa May Back On Her Heels’
Of course the comment was sexist: ANY criticism of a female by a male is sexism.
Thought everyone knew that.               
         As Tom Lehrer would say:
        "Let's try not to injure them
         But fight, fight, fight
        (Let's not be rough though)
        Just fight,fight, fight.
        (and DO fight fiercely)
         fight, fi-hi-hight fight.

America once excelled at immigrant integration. Here’s the way back.
Happy to support integration of all LEGAL immigrants. 
The others are scoff-laws who think the laws of their would-be country should be ignored whenever they are inconvenient. This will not make them good citizens.

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