Wednesday, 6 July 2016

“Black Lives Matter” is still an issue because “All Lives Matter” isn’t a reality.I have intellectual sympathy for "All Lives Matter," (ALM), in that we should be concerned when our police kiill anyone and outraged if that killing is not defensible.

The point of "Black Lives Matter" is that the black community feels that police are killing folks BECAUSE of their blackness, which should outrage us all. Yes, police also kill white people, but the white community does not feel they do this because those killed are white, nor even that police take less care or are more likely to shoot if the perp is white.

Until police can convince us that they treat black perps the
 same as white perps, we should support Black Lives Matter (BLM).

On the other hand, when there is a righteous shoot of a black perp, BLM should publicly acknowledge that it was the right thing to do in that case - to keep the focus on the practices we abhor and not spread abhorance to all police activity. If BLM were to take the position that blacks should never be shot by police, regardless of what they are doing at the time, then it would be just more racism piled on top of racism. Although there may be a few racists in BLM who take that position, it is NOT the position of the overwhelming majority of BLM

Thus Black Lives Matter deserves the support of all of us - including the folks in ALM

Canadian Company Turns Air Into Fuel In Climate Change Fight
Not sure it iss practical, but an interesting idea.

Donald Trump Now Apparently Supports North Carolina’s Anti-LGBT Law
More big government, trying to dictate our lives. 
     I admit that I do not see how the only way not to discriminate against a group of people is to treat them differently from all others, allowing them to do things that all others are forbidden from doing. 
     But I don't see what the government has to do with where someone goes to the toilet. Let people sort this out on their own: they usually know how to run their lives better than big government does

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