Friday, 1 July 2016

Trump Ups His Call For Torture: ‘We’re Going To Have To Do Things That Are Unthinkable’
Trump is spouting the logic of his supporters: we can be just as much a barbaric excuse for human scum as ISIS can be. In fact we can be even more beast-like than they. We can sink to a depth of depravity that is so low, it would horrify the devil, let alone a radical muslim terrorist. No one, they say, should be able to beat America at being evil.

The establishment still does not get it. 
If the establishment is against Brexit, the majority of England is for it. 
If the Labour establishment is against Corbyn, the majority of England will be for him. 
On any serious referendum topic, this would be the result. 
If the establishment were to campaign against legalizing drugs, England would be for it. 
If the establishment were against capital punishment, England would be for it.
        England, quite simply, is fed up with the establishment; no longer seeing them as government and public servants but as parasites who serve only themselves and make things worse for the general public.

Michael Gove Should Be Disqualified From Leadership Race
Of course he should be disqualified. A person who thinks that any expert who disagrees with him must be a a paid stooge is unfit to be prime minister.

If you think Britain is angry and divided, look at the continent
Another member of the elite trying to deflect the disappointment and disgust that the English electorate have expressed for the establishment.
      There seem to be a lot of dreamers who think the UK will change its mind on Brexit or the EU will negotiate on free-movement.  Both are about as likely as America negotiating on the second amendment.

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