Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Women Who Helped Make Misogyny A Hate Crime Subjected To Abuse

Mysogyny is criminalized while misandry is lauded.
Okay, turn about is fair play.
Besides, it can sell Dove haircare products

BBC Presenter’s Two-Day Freud With Tommy Robinson Was Brilliant

Huffpo's sub-editing is as bad as its sense of news: incompetent & selfish.
Why am I reading about a fight between two wannabees?
Niether are news sources, they are both only media inventions
Was it that Huffppo could not find any nastiness among news makers to inflame and report?

Child Migrant Denied Rights
Perhaps the this article missed telling us about a few points of evidence?
1) unless there was evidence this refugee was under 18, he was not a "child migrant"
2) If he was over 17, he was not entitled to any of the benefits (so-called "rights") for under 18s
PS: Non-citizens do not have "rights." Rights are what a society grants its members (citizens).
Refugees are given charity, whether from government or some other agency.

Jeremy Corbyn And 11 Media Outlets That Are ‘Biased’ Against Him
This list is FAR from exhaustive. 
ALL media outlets that do not agree with everything Corbyn says and does are biased against him. (He's like Trump in that.)

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