Thursday, 21 July 2016

Turkey suspends European convention on human rights in wake of failed coup
"Officials insist three-month state of emergency following coup attempt will not affect lives and freedoms of citizens"
This is true, because Erdogan does not consider anyone who disagrees with him to be a citizen.
Turkey is our ally. So we cannot ignore the purge that is now under way
We won't ignore it, we will treat it like the weather: everyone will complain about it but no one will actually do anything. Does Mr Jones actually think that ANYTHING we say or do will have an impact on a man who staged a fake coup against himself so he could mount a purge?

FGM In The UK: Thousands Sought Help Last Year 
Seems like aggravated assault to me. Why aren't the perps in jail?
PS: there is NOTHING religious about this crime. NO religion demands genital mutilation.

Jeremy Corbyn to set out measures tackling discrimination at work
"women are over-represented in the lowest paying sectors: cleaning, catering and caring..."
Is he saying we need to recruit men take these jobs away from women so the wage gap will fall?
Or is he saying we should be sexist and pay these jobs more just because they are held by women.

Diane Abbott Blames ‘Sulking’ Labour MPs For Jeremy Corbyn’s bad PMQs Performance
Of course. To Ms Abbott it is always someone else's fault - and someone else's job to fix it. 
Corbyn's shoddy performance could not possibly be down to Corbyn - who can we can blame for it. 
Aha! People who were not cheering loudly enough.
But why didn't she get out the pom-poms and start her give-me-a-C dance - just too lazy? 
It was clearly Abbott's fault for not cheer-leading enthusiastically enough.

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