Friday, 8 July 2016

President Obama On Police Shootings: ‘Change Has Been Too Slow’
Calm and reasoned, in the face of severe provocation. Not bad, Obama.

I would like to see a study of the 509 police shootings this year to determine definitively: When a white cop shoots a suspect, is there is racism involved.
1. What % of the 123 police shootings of blacks were righteous?
2. What % of the 386 police shootings of non-blacks were righteous?
When a non-white cop shoots a suspect, is there racism involved?
1. What % of the 123 police shootings of blacks were by non-white officers?
2. What % of those were righteous?
3. What % of the 386 non-black police shootings were by non-white officers?
4. What % of those were righteous?
        It will not be easy, since our officers will maintain that all of their shootings are righteous, but we can at least divide the cases into the categories: righteous, not righteous, arguable. That should still give us an incontestable indication of whether the perception of black Americans is correct.

Black America may think such a study unnecessary - maintaining that they already KNOW that racism is involved - but it would a big help help to swaying the fence-sitting Americans who are not yet outraged because they question the premise.

Congressional Black Caucus Says ‘Enough Is Enough’ With Police Shootings
They are absolutely right! Enough is enough and it must stop! We should all be outraged. 
What did the congressional white caucus say?

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