Tuesday, 26 July 2016

These people would never lie, would they? I mean, what incentive would they have for lyng?
Free education and a "family environment" wouldn't be enough to tempt a 19-year-old, would it?
       “We deeply regret the UK Government’s reluctance to relocate migrant children to the UK, in particular those living in terrible conditions in the camps near the Channel ports.” 
Nonsense!   By this logic, we must take in every homeless person in France, since they live "in terrible conditions."
      These kids have reached France, and the French are perfectly capable of caring for them if they chose to. Taking these kids to the UK would only encourage the French authorities to do nothing and make us complicit in their maltreatment and neglect - unless we take ALL of them. 
     We should be helping those kids still in the conflict zone and leave the French to take care of those they have let into France.

Knife-Wielding Men Who Killed Priest in Normandy Proclaimed Allegiance To Isis
Isn't it time for every congregation in the umma to isse a fatwah of taqfir against Daesh and all of its supporters? They are kuffar. They are moharebeh. They are enemies of the ummat al-Islamiyah and they are enemies of Allah. 
     Isn't time for the western media to stop helping their propaganda by calling them IS - spreading the lie that these people are either Islamic or a state?

Another case of Radical Loser Terrorism. 
Why wont they use the words? 
Are they un-American?

Diane Abbott Sat On Panel Hosted By Pfizer Lobbying Company
I don't think you understand, Martha Gill:
If Corbyn supporters pal around with lobbyists or throw bricks, it is okay.
These things are only wrong when Corbyn opponents do them.

Thanks Jeremy!

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