Monday, 11 July 2016

Leadsom's Apology Prompts Questions Over 'Gutter Journalism' Claim

Hey, no one said that gutter journalism wasn't effective. Let's-you-and-him-fight stories like this one run for a week, can be written by cheap hacks, generate lots of heat and no light at all, reduce trust in politicians and increase anomie, apathy and the sense that Britain is a bad place to live.
Gutter journalism can ruin reputations and make innocent people squirm like a bug stuck on a pin.

In short - it is everything a publisher needs to sell advertising.
It may be as sleazy as sleazy can be, but it works

Odd to see Yoda (Abbott) supporting Emperor Palpatine (Corbyn)
"he has offered us a good honest compassionate alternative"
But, sadly, a completely impractical one that will lose elections.

However, with the Liberals reduced to irrelevance as a consequence of finding that, even in power, they could not deliver their "conscience of the nation" programmes, a political niche is now open.
Labour can become the new "conscience of the nation" under Corbyn, with a consistent 11-14% of the vote. Nothing wrong with that.

A moharebeh enemy of Allah following in his father's footsteps.
They will meet in Jahannam.

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