Thursday, 21 July 2016

6 Things The Government Buried Today
Let's get this straight: government and politicians cannot "bury" any news. 
Only journalists and publishers can "bury" news.
     Huffpo's headline sounds like Diane Abbott: the only reason our performance was so bad is that it was someone else's fault.

Government Borrows More In Three Months Than It Originally Planned For The Whole Year
No worries, the grandkids can't vote yet: let them pay for our current lifestyle.

Even After Republican Backlash, Ted Cruz Won’t Endorse Trump ‘Like A Servile Puppy Dog'
At least Cruz is not a coward.
I still don't like his politics, but my opinion of him as a man just went up significantly. 
He basically said: "You don't get away scot free when you insult my family."
Pity there are not more people in the GOP with cojones.
       PS:  Is it true that the guy who shouted "You've got to get over it, this is politics" has a hooker for a wife and a paedophile for a father? Or is that just a politics rumor??

Angela Eagle Warned By Police To Suspend Constituency Surgerie for her own safety.
But there is no intimidation, is there?
The Talibanization of the labour party: "if you are not for Corbyn, woman, you deserve to die."

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