Sunday, 31 July 2016

CAUGHT LYIN’: NFL Denies Trump Claim About Debate Schedule
Claims He Turned Down Koch Request. Koch’s: Didn’t Happen
     Sadly, no one cares. The Trumpettes will tell you that he only lies like this during a campaign. Once he is President he will lie much less often

Saatchi Chairman Kevin Roberts Asked to Take Leave After Gender Comments
Actually guys, you're missing the point, you don't understand: I'm way happier than you.' Their ambition is not a vertical ambition, it's this intrinsic, circular ambition to be happy. So they say: 'We are not judging ourselves by those standards that you idiotic dinosaur-like men judge yourself by'
How dare he tell the truth?  Fire him immediately.
Telling the truth is a far worse crime than lying today.
If people realize that he is right, they will realize that 50-50 equality is actually sexist discrimination against men, since a larger proportion of men than women apply for and want the top jobs
       "Indeed, I'm very proud to be able to say that 65% of our staff are female...:
Did the Saatchi CEO say what he planned to do to redress this institutional sexism?

Donald Trump Telling NBC’s Katy Tur to ‘Be Quiet’
"There’s something about a man telling a woman to be quiet that suggests the inroads we’ve made towards equality could be wiped away in one snappy put down."
And a man telling a man to be quiet suggests what?
What does a woman telling a woman to be quiet suggest?
A woman telling a man?
Please explain yourself, Sara McCorquodale: your whine sounds like rank sexism.

Muslims Refuse To Bury France Priest Killer Adel Kermiche After Brutal Church Attack
Good for them. He is anti-muslim and should expect no consideration. He will go straight to Jahannam

Plastic Bag Charge Has Resulted In Six Billion Fewer Bags Being Used In A Year
If you think a tax on bags reduces their use, and a tax on tobacco cuts smoking, but a tax on employment does not reduce jobs, you could be a Democrat.

Are any other non-EU countries participating in Erasmus?

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