Thursday, 28 July 2016

Boycott Byron Protest As 35 Immigrant Workers Arrested At Burger Chain
I have never eaten at a Byron, but i will now - simply to oppose the boycott of a company that is being targeted for have the temerity to defend itself from fraudsters.
Interesting that Huffpo only covers the arrest of fraudsters when there is a boycott.

Western U.S. Saw An Amazing Light Show Last Night
"The object was the second stage of China's Chang Zheng 7 rocket"
Sure it was, that's why it landed in Roswell.

Hillary Has ‘Shrill Tone’, BBC’s Naughtie Says On Today, Triggering Accusations Of Sexism
If he had said Corbyn has a "shrill tone" would that have been sexism?
If a woman said Corbyn has a "shrill tone" would that be sexism?
Or is it only sexist to criticize the tone of a female?

Would Bernie Supporters Vote Trump Over Hillary?
 Of course they would! 
Everyone knows that a face doesn't really need a nose and that cutting it off is a sensible punishment.

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