Monday, 18 July 2016

3 Officers Dead, 3 Injured In Baton Rouge Shooting
Turn that rhetoric on its head.
Scott:  If someone said: "There are many good black people -- yet GOOD black people have failed to remove the BAD ones and police react the only way they can. We don't TRUST black people any longer. Very sad situation!"     Would that be helpful or inflammatory?
Adetomi: If someone said: "How many good black people have reported bad ones? When good black people keep quiet they are just as bad as the bad ones. Someone needs to tell black people that being a citizen doesn't make you a good guy....its your action"    Would that be helpful or inflammatory?

Trump campaign calls Kasich convention absence 'embarrassing'
It would be much more embarrassing for Kasich to share a podium with Trump.
Remember, this governor has to be able to look himself in the mirror for the rest of his life.
Donald Trump Floats New Conspiracy Theory About Obama
I have noticed that with Trump, too.
Trump's body language goes all funny when Muslims, women, blacks or Mexicans are mentioned.

Trident renewal: would £205bn be a price worth paying?
The UK, sans EU, is no longer a global force and so needs no nuclear deterrent. Face it: no one would want to take us over anyway. In addition to scrapping Trident, we should leave NATO and reduce our army, navy and air force to half their current sizes. Budget deficit solved.
    PS: when figuring costs, add in the cost of re-homing the subs after Scotland leaves the UK.

Labour MP Thangam Debbonaire Releases Damning Statement Criticising Jeremy Corbyn
"What is the implication here supposed to be? That Corbyn 'sacked' her because she had cancer?
Or that he should somehow have acted differently because she did?"

I think the implication is that he should have treated her like a human being, regardless of whether she had cancer. The cancer just made her a little more vulnerable than usual to the hurtful lack of normal human consideration and the incredibly bad manners shown by Corbyn in this incident.
Labour Meetings Shouldn’t Be Cancelled Because Of A ‘Perception’ Of Intimidation
True. Just because victims perceive themselves as harassed and intimidated is no reason to limit the opportunity for Corbyn supporters to harass and intimidate them more.

Nigel Farage Tripped Up By LBC Caller Over Integration
Oh boy! Another chance to make people disrespect politicians. Of course we don't mind if the politician in questtion is one we do not support, as in this case, but Huffpo is an equal-opprtunity disser. Apparently, Huffpo sees its job as belittling all politicians; making them look bad and making us lose faith and confidence in our public servants.
    On the one hand, this makes life less worth living for the British people
    On the other hand, it sells advertising for Verizon and Ariana Stephanopoulos
    Guess who loses that one.

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