Saturday, 9 July 2016

Black Lives Matter Co-Founder: We Can Grieve For Dallas And Still Demand Accountability
Of course she is correct in everything she says. It is not possible to disagree with such a simple and reasonable position so intelligently argued
       There is one more step in this process (or the root causes) that she left out: the disregard and disrespect of police that is so common in inner-city communities - both black and white. 
        As long as people disrespect and disregard either blacks or police, both groups are likely to react with disregard and disrespect.

No, We Are Not In The Midst Of A Race War
The lead in picture shows a woman with sign "unapologetically black." Good for her!
If a white woman held a sign "unapologetically white" would she get the same reaction?
      Both sides need to show tolerance and stop stereotyping each other. In this regard, it is true, blacks have been less guilty than whites (as a generalization), showing more tolerance and less steroetyping. But that seem to be changing as divisions deepen. 
      We need to stop guilt-tripping each other and see that we are in the same boat and, both black and white, are equally damaged by New Orleans, Minnesota and Dallas.

Congressional Black Caucus Says ‘Enough Is Enough’ With Police Shootings
They are absolutely right! 
Enough is enough and it must stop! We should all be outraged! 
What did the congressional white caucus say?

Andrea Leadsom Slams Times For Article About Her Comments On Motherhood
Just another Let's-you-and-him fight story - the refuge of lazy journalists. 
(So much easier than covering a substantive issue.) 
      Do the publishers know that these kinds of stores create anomie, apathy and make Britain a worse place to live? Yes they do, but they do not care, as long as it sells advertising and can be written by really cheap hacks.

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