Sunday, 14 February 2016

Conservatives Quickly Refuse Any Obama Court Replacement After Antonin Scalia's Death
Constitution? We don't need no effing American constitution.
Not when it don't do what we wants anyways!

Junior Doctors' Contract Negotiations Made 'More Difficult' By Twitter And Facebook
The fact that everyone could see what was going on made a backroom deal more difficult? Gosh, whodda thunk it?

Government Accused Of Using Junior Doctors' Row To 'Bury Bad News' 
They can bury bad news because neither MPs nor journalists are bright enough to read everything they are given and the journalists' herd mentality means they will all cover the same things, regardless of which things are important.

Pub Landlord Ordered 'By Council' To Remove Union Jack Jacket That 'Might Offend People'
Some unnamed and unknown people politely ASK, suggesting that his jacket might be seen as disprespectful to our flag and this becomes an "order by the council." I can understand this egotist trying to blow up the story to make himself feel more important and to market his pub to the tasteless, but why is Huffpo running with this guy's self-serving lie as if it were news?
       What? Because it fits their campaign to convince us that our society is a nasty place to live? Oh. Sorry. Never mind?

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev Says West And Russia Heading For 'New Cold War'
The west objects to Russia invading neighbours it swore to defend, annexing territory and bombng civilians. How provocative! They haven;t objected to these kind of things since the cold war.

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