Wednesday, 10 February 2016

The Donald
Why is anyone surprised about Donald Duck's Mexico wall and his ban on all Muslims?  
The 1% think it normal to live in a gated community where the riff-raff are kept at bay, except for those needed to do the maintenance.   Donnie would just like to turn all of America into a gated community, preferably with the workforce living outside of it.  How would he get rid of the workers currently living here?  Deport the illegals and buy the rest out using emininent domain.

Some of the Duck's other positions are just what one would expect from the 1%. The majority of the Trump Tax Plan benefits go to the richest 1% and eliminating the "death tax" helps only the richest 10%.The plan also says that some loopholes and deductions will remain for the very rich, but does not specify which ones.

Oddly for a small-government guy, his immigration position depends not just on a huge Public Works project, but on three more BIg Government interventions: 
                Have the Federal government set the prevailing wage for H-1B visas
                Have the Federal Government set up a Nationwide E-Verify system 
                Triple the number of ICE officers
Presumably, these officers will be allowed to live inside the newly gated America

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