Thursday, 18 February 2016

English Defence League And British National Party Are As Dangerous As Islamic State, Derbyshire Police Claim
Of course they are right: the EDL and BNP are well known for murdering people, enslaving women and raping anyone who disagrees with them. They have frequently shown their own children holding the severed head of their victims. Thank you, Derb police, for pointing out the similarities. 
      I can't understand how they are still walking the streets after slaughtering the number of Muslims that they have, not to mention any other sect that they do not recognize as human.

Dolphin Dies After Being Lifted From Water By Tourists On Argentine Beach For Selfies
Some me-I-my-mine people took slefies with a fish until it died? Hang everyone one of them!   We can take some comfort in the fact that these were mostly foreigners: we don't give such stories much coverage when they happen here in the UK.

Myrtle Cothill, 92-Year-Old Widow, To Be Deported To South Africa
Outrageous! Any 92-year-old alien should be allowed to flout any law she chooses. 
Once you are 92, obeying any law should be optional, regardless of what citizenship you hold.

BBC Question Time Sees Audience Stunned By Awkward German War Jibe
Sounds like Germanophobia to me. How dare he tell the truth?

Fleeing Into The Unknown: A Journey From Eritrea To England

Graphic Novel Captures What It's Like to Be Gay in Iran
Gosh! Comic books tell us about someone's view of reality SO much better than journalism. 
News stories use such big words that they are impossible to understand. T
Thanks for making the universe stupid enough that I can imbibe your biases witout thinking.

Black Lawmakers Say GOP Supreme Court Obstruction Is Racist
It's true. Obama would probably nominate a Germanic American. Although, larger than any other minority, with over 17% of the country, there is not a single Germanic American on the bench at present. It is long since time that this prejudice was corrected, but that is something the racists in the GOP will not allow.

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